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Funeral Pre-Planning

Advanced Funeral Planning

We plan for every aspect of life, such as having a family, vacations, weddings, and retirement. We prepare for what might happen such as fires, accidents, or floods. Most of us do not like to think about death, so we avoid planning our funerals in advance.

Now more than ever, it is important to plan ahead for one’s own funeral. The task of arranging a funeral usually falls to a small group of people or a single survivor who may have little or no warning. These people are often left unprepared for the numerous decisions they need to make. For this reason, making your wishes known in advance will relieve you and your family of unnecessary concerns.

Advance funeral planning is a simple process in which your biographical information and a personal history is obtained and documented. This information is necessary for the death certificate, social security, and obituary notices. Personal wishes can be noted as to the type of funeral services desired and any special requests that you may have. Funeral merchandise such as caskets, vaults, clothing, urns, and other items can be viewed at this time, allowing you to have time to make a more objective and well-informed decision. All information will be kept on file at the funeral chapel and can be updated at any time.

Prepayment Plans

Some people opt to pre-pay funeral expenses. This locks in the cost of professional services and merchandise at current prices, which guarantees the family that there will be no future funeral chapel increases in costs. We cannot, however, guarantee the cash advance costs, as these are costs direct from the vendor and can change at any time.

An Ohio licensed funeral home is required by state statute to place money for prepaid funeral plans in an interest bearing account. Gluvna-Shimo-Hromada Funeral Chapel offers many planning options for families with this preference. All plans are irrevocable accounts, which are guaranteed in price, and Medicaid approved. Payment plans are available to fit any budget and payments can be withdrawn automatically from a person’s checking account.

Gluvna-Shimo-Hromada Funeral Chapel deposits prepaid funeral funds into either a trust account or an insurance policy. The funeral director will help the family decide which option is best for them based on the age and health of the beneficiary. The trust account or insurance policy will accumulate interest and will offset the increase in the funeral cost at the time of death of the beneficiary.

An application, itemization of costs, and either a trust agreement or insurance policy will be provided to the family at the time of funding. Copies will also be provided for the Medicaid process if needed. All information is kept on file at the funeral home and can be updated at any time.

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