In Loving Memory
Hilda A. "Agnes" Dancisko
Age 98
Entered Eternal Life
October 6, 2021
You came into my life like a burning flame.
That was your true ticket to fame.
Yet your flame has burned out.
It seems as if only I was to pout.
Others have found ways to carry on.
But in my heart I still hold your song.
You were so early to be taken away.
It hurt so much I can't even say.
But even though we have parted, you're still close to me.
Yet all my pain others can't see.
You're the first person I've lost, but I know you won't be the last.
I know I should put these feelings in the past.
It's been years now since I've seen your face.
And my sad feelings move at such a deadly pace.
But every time I look up to the stars,
I know exactly where you are.
You're in my heart.
At least that's a start.
The birds, the bees,
the flowers the trees.
They all remind me.
You watch over me day and night.
But I'm forlorn 'cause you're always out of sight.
I know you hear my prayers.
And my burdens you help bear.
I never could say a decent good bye.
I never will know why.
I guess because I still can't think of you as gone.
Maybe that's how I cope with carrying on.
I guess you could say my feet were never on the ground.
But the thought of your voice would be a beautiful sound.
I still have the rose from your funeral of long ago.
Yet when people say you're gone, I say it isn't so.
My mind if full with thoughts of you.
But the memories I have are of a very few.
Now comes the time when I must let go.
And it pains me so.
But I know you're in a better land.
And now I think I understand.
That God choose to take you by the hand.
And even though that part I can not stand.
I know you're better off in the promise land.
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